Karl Kling is a Portland, OR based artist who’s on his way to becoming a heavy hitter in the indie electronic space. Outside of performing and DJ'ing with RAC he explore his personal musical stylings, utilizing a wealth of production & studio talents to dream up an engaging and nuanced brand of Electronic Pop. In early 2015, his debut LP was released on Ghost Beach's Crazy Heart Records.
With his latest release “I Need You,” Kling syncs up a booming New Jack Swing inspired break to ethereal-falsetto vocals and hazy, evocative lyrics.
For live performance Kling and band-mate Stacey Winter have put together a well-executed hybrid of performance and technology with live drums, synthesizers, guitars, tight vocal harmonies, and a beat synced light show built directly into the instruments.

Recent Activity:

  • Nov 2015 Tour supporting RAC & Big Data
  • Nov 2015 New single “I Need You”
  • Mar 2015 Self-Titled Album Release

Music Video For "I WILL WAIT"

“Warm, bouncy synth pop” - All Things Go

“Airy vocals and heavy beats will get you dancing” - Austin Town Hall

“Music for slo-mo daydreaming through the clouds” - The Burning Ear

Booking: Adam Ogushwitz - adam.ogushwitz@unitedtalent.com